Lakeland Social

The destination in Lakeland. Come have fun and make friends!

Upcoming Event - Lakeland Christmas Parade 2018

About Us

In 2016, Lakeland Social was established in downtown Lakeland Florida to provide the local community with a safe and pleasant environment for families, friends, and children. Our founders saw the need for a recreational center within Lakeland’s city limits and realized that the Lakeland community needed a place that they could both "de-stress" and meet new people.

The first floor is complied with entertainment that meets the needs for highschool and college age kids under the age of 21. The second floor is install with a complete state of the art bar, pool tables and dance floor for adults, 21 and over.

Contact and Vendor Sign-up

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This newspaper advertisement and poster will be used to promote the parade. Our logo and the other logos presented in this ad may also be used in other visual advertisments.


Project Goals

1. Having 100 volunteers in the Lakeland Community that are active in the business commit to serving the whole day.
2. Starting November 6th have over 90 radio advertisements prior to the event and polk theater .
3. Have our head staff team come and talk at events like club rush at southeastern university, charity events, and restaurants to advertise the parade and the business.


Partners, Sponsors, and Volunteers

Publix Super Markets Company
Catapult Lakeland, LLC
Lakeland Electric; Department of the City of Lakeland, FL

Florida Southern College
Southeastern University
YLakeland, LLC

Current Vendors:
Born and Bread, LLC
Concord Coffee, LLC
Chick-Fil-A Company
Palace Pizza, LLC


Why Us?

The 2018 Lakeland Social Christmas Parade is our goal as a new company to provide Lakeland with another source of connections and entertainment. It has, and always will be our desire to give Lakeland a safe, and fun entertainment to socialize, destress and learn more about their community, and we need you to help us make this an ongoing reality. Help us in our overall mission to "connect like-minded youth in our community".